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Puppies'N Love & Animal Kingdom Stores

Our Puppies 'N Love and Animal Kingdom Stores are located in the Phoenix area and specialize in providing the best puppies available. Puppies 'N Love store are more boutique-ish and focus on only puppies and high quality puppy and dog products, while Animal Kingdom stores do the same, they also carry several types small animals and birds.

At CPI we know puppy sales can be a touchy subject. We pride ourselves on our rigorous standards and love for these amazing animals. We strive to use only the highest quality federally regulated breeders as well as hobby breeders. All of our puppies undergo a thorough veterinary exam and we spare no expense in making certain all of our puppies are cared for, exercised and provided the best conditions possible between the breeders and their new home.

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The Ocean Floor

The Ocean Floor stands as a pillar of size and quality in the fish and aquarium world. The largest store of its kind in the southwest, the Ocean Floor is known for it's high quality aquaria, wide selection of fish, knowledgeable staff and huge custom aquarium displays with beautiful show fish.

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Great Western Pet Supply

Great Western Pet Supply has been an outlet for our high quality pet products and has, as of late evolved into a website which we use to promote and sell our products.

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CPI Manufacturing


Pet Video Library

With such a vast background in the pet industry we found the need for a quick and fun educational tool that helps to get the whole family involved in the care of their new pet. With this also comes happier more educated and repeat consumers. Pet Video Library was developed to fulfill this need and has since gown with over 70 different DVD titles that focus on specific dog breeds, dog training, care for small animals, reptiles, aquarium set up and maintenance and many more.

Visit our website petvideolibrary.com


Earthblend Super Premium Dog Food

CPI knows the importance of a healthy dog. We started the process of developing a fantastic dog food and have recently decided its ready for distribution. Earthblend will truly set a new standard among dog foods. Only the highest quality ingredients with no fillers goes into every bag of our premium dog food. Check and see what your feeding your dog, you may be surprised.

Visit our website earthblenddogfood.com


Tropical Science Biolabs

Tropical Science was developed after years of experience in the hobbyist world of aquariums. Tropical Science developed many conditioners that are all natural, pro-biotic and 100% safe. Products include conditioners that reduce cycle time, promote spawning conditions, provide native water condition, gravel vacuuming, and promote products that promote health and immunity to common fish problems. Marine and freshwater formulations available.

Visit our website tsbiolabs.com


Amigo's Kitchen Healthy Gourmet Dog Treats

People love there dogs and they love to know they can provide fun and healthy treats for their pets. Amigo's Kitchen has dozens of high quality dog treats all made from human grade ingredients.

Visit our website amigoskitchen.com



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