Over 40 Years of Pet Industry Experience

Family owned and operated, Companion Pets Incorporated has been involved in the pet industry for over 40 years. CPI’s humble beginnings started with aquariums and fish in Buffalo, NY. Later several pet stores were started in the Phoenix, AZ area that lead to expansion into manufacturing pet products as well. Petco bought out the majority of our stores and we moved on to start stores in the local malls with puppy sales as our focus. As well as the puppy stores, we have a 17,000 square foot aquarium and fish store which stands in Phoenix as the largest store of its kind in the Southwest.

On the manufacturing end we have developed a line of educational DVDs to provide the consumer the needed information in order to care for a variety of pets. We have also developed a super premium dog food that is the highest in quality and standards as well as a full line of natural aquarium conditioners.

We at CPI strive to provide and promote the best in quality in all of our products including education of the consumer to better understand and care for their pets.

CPI Stores

We operate multiple pet stores within Arizona offering a multitude of products, pets and services.

CPI Products

Check out our premium brand of dog food and all natural aquarium and pond water conditioners.